Working with the team at Zone Digital, we aimed to tackle the problem of treatment adherence in patients suffering from diabetic macular edema (DME), a degenerative eye condition.

Research found that many patients prescribed Eylea (Bayer’s market leading therapy for DME) do not complete a full treatment cycle due to a range of systemic and behavioural factors. This results in both complications for patients and commercial limitations for Bayer.

Over the course of 8 weeks using a user-centric approach, we created Vision Coach, a free web and mobile app that helps DME patients track their progress, manage clinical appointments and get the best results from their Eylea treatment.

Role: Lead Product Designer (UX/UI)

Insights workshop

A kick-off workshop with global client representatives, clinicians and behaviour change specialists, allowed us to fully understand why patients were unlikely to adhere to existing treatment programs. Solutions to overcome this issue were co-created, with digital at the heart of every idea.


Initial concepts

We focussed on creating a user-centred lifestyle aid – Vision Coach – a tool which would empower patients to take control of their health and wellbeing.


Physical to digital

In order to prototype an end-to-end journey, we designed Vision Coach appointment cards, which educated patients about the benefits of using Vision Coach and encouraged them to download the app to get started.



A lot of time was spent fleshing out how to simplify the onboarding process to make it as painless as possible. In an attempt to encourage repeat engagement with the tool, patients are tasked to enter Life Goals they eventually want to achieve.



A simple timeline model forms the core of the Vision Coach experience, allowing patients to track their progress over time and unlock levels as they successfully complete rounds of treatment.


Vision Hub

The app also visualises patient data in a way that is meaningful and digestible. Patients can see a high-level snapshot of their progress and track possible future trends.



The Vision Coach project has been used as a Trojan Horse within Bayer, to demonstrate and sell-in the potential of design-led innovation within an industry notoriously resistant to change.