The Jaguar Land Rover ‘Future Advocates’ project aimed to create an entertaining and educational experience for children visiting JLR showrooms.

Research had shown that children who accompany their parents to JLR retail environments were likely to be disregarded during the purchase journey. Parents with kids reported feeling uncomfortable in these luxurious spaces, resulting in a negative impact on the customer experience.

Our solution – ‘Wild Things’ – creates a parallel experience for the child, educating them on JLR products through the use of animal metaphors. A digital scavenger hunt and physical craft solution each leverage this narrative and are designed to involve the children in the purchase-decision process and ultimately build brand affinity.

Role: Lead Product Designer (UX/UI)

Initial concepts

Early concepts focussed on physical discovery and play. We wanted to encourage kids to explore and interact with the space around them, unlocking digital surprises as they went.



We utilised the brand’s connection to nature when developing a content strategy, linking the unique features of JLR vehicles to the amazing abilities of animals.


Visual direction

After defining a visual style that catered to our audience (aged 4-14), we worked closely alongside illustrator Andy Hau and 3D agency Holovis, to bring our creatures to life.

Giraffe (1)
Greyhound (1)

The animals and vehicles were also translated into physical papercraft models, aimed to entertain the youngsters during quieter moments of the car-buying experience.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 17.32.36
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 14.21.04

Tech discovery

We tested various technical solutions within a JLR prototype showroom facility (including AR and beacon technology) before settling on scannable 2D markers, used to trigger content.



Children are tasked to hunt for badges throughout the showroom space and collect them with their iPad Mini. As parents explore the JLR products and showroom, so too can their children, with an experience designed to them and their needs.